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Robert Lawson

Absolutely Todd, no worries bro!

With any luck the new ownership of Nelson Ledges will continue the upgrades of the grounds and the Management will stay in touch when new asphalt goes down! Would LOVE to do some Test Days at Nelson again, super fun layout there in Amish Country!!!!

Here is a quick drone clip, you can see old buildings are gone and many trees removed as well…. https://youtu.be/SVxyI0isTjs

To those whom have contacted me or spoke with me about doing more of these Test Days at other tracks….I have been looking into it heavily since last weekend. Getting pricing on week day and weekend dates, also looking at taking a kart to some of them for surface testing. I have a short list of at least 3 where karts do not race and 4-5 more where they do.

We’ll see, adding bikes or even cars is possible if there are not enough karts.


More soon.