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Robert Lawson

Hey Dennis!


You are most welcome, great to hang out with FAMILY and enjoy a day at the track! ;)

Yes, we were getting some “air time” over that jump. Others said the front was lifting, the rear was clearly off, and…the entire kart had light between it and the track surface!

You really don’t get a feel for that as much as you would think, everything gets real smooth for an instant but front or rear up….not so much. I was able to stay on it right to the point of lifting off though.

Finally got this video to upload, not sure why but this has happened before. The resolution is terrible! I had recorded 5 runs but this is the only one that kept recording longer than 20-30 seconds for some reason???

You can see that the track is getting rough again, I avoid the washboard coming off T9 before heading up the hill to the front straight. Always have, guess its just habit.



I found this one as well:



Would like to see more of this stuff, post it up guys!!!!