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Robert Lawson

Well that was FUN!!!

We fought a strong storm Thursday Night where the water was pouring off the roof of the garages. The gutters just could not keep up.

Friday started out very foggy but we got started on time at 9AM as it burned off quickly. Most everyone arrived in the AM, and we ran long green sessions with only short stops to pick up some karts here and there. TONS of track time through 3PM. We got a 15 minute downpour at 3, we asked for help running vehicles to dry the steaming asphalt!!! It dried in record time, surely we were looked upon favorably from above. We were running green again by 4PM and ran non stop to the end of the day.

I tried to simulate the same gearing effect from last October, (smaller rear tire diameter on standard gering) with my standard rear tire while adding a tooth to the rear. It was not exactly the same rev range, actually I prefer the feel/rev’s of the smaller tire set-up to what was tested but it was still very fast. We even tried back-to-back runs with the std tire and std gearing and our findings were accurate, it lapped faster on the added tooth of gear.

It was very hot in the early to mid afternoon, humid as well. I jetted down twice but all I accomplished was higher EGT and H2O temps….no added speed. After the rain/track drying the track was still good but my used tires were not holding on as well as earlier, that may have added to the lack of lap time too.

So, I put a set-up on at home….ran it…..took it all off….changed it and ran it again….then went to a std set-up and ran that….then, after being the LAST to leave the Dinner table (nice talking to some folks!) went back to work putting the “home” set-up on and rejetting for the cooler weather on Saturday. We got a lot of things on and off the kart, it would have taken 3 weekends of race practice to accomplish that. It was a very long day but worth every lap!

Dinner was awesome! Man that Curt can cook some smoked meat!!!! Over 14 lbs of Brisket and 21+ lbs of Pork tenderlion…..even the EMT’s stayed over after working the Test to join us. Everyone enjoyed the food and comrodery.

I must thank Bob & Dennis Cole for handling all the kart pick-up, Dennis Bernier donated all the Soda and Ice to cool it down, my crazy brother Kenny for….well….entertaining everyone as the MC on the PA, all the participants and especially those whom helped get the track dry so we could finish the day running!


You guys are all AWESOME!!!!!!

We did intend to stay and race Saturday, I worked on my kart until 10:30pm Friday night along side Tony working on his 250 preparing to do just that. In the morning there were a few different issues thrown at us, no sense in getting into to it here. I simply decided not to have a confrontation, so we bailed out. Too bad for us, there was a decent turn out for a change and we had a fast kart.

Again, thank you folks for staying with this thing through the rescheduling and the weather delays.

See you next time!!!