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Robert Lawson


Sorry for the delay on a final update, I have been just swamped the past 10 days.


I would like everyone to arrive Friday by 7am if possible. We will have a driver pow-wow/marshall briefing and answer any questions at a meeting 8-8:30am. We get started on track at 9am sharply.

For anyone that can not make it before 9am when we get started, we will NOT stop green sessions to open the gate. Only after stopping a session for pick-up will we allow the gate to be opened to the infield.
We have a standard 10 minute rule for pick-up. Sessions will be no shorter than 10 minutes, if you are first out…and first off….you will wait 10 minutes to be picked up. If we go green for 20, 30, 40 minutes, then someone goes off, we start a 10 minute clock for pick-up.

Once again, we are testing. Long green runs is the object.



If you are NOT renting a garage for the race event I strongly suggest you park/pit in the lower paddock so you will not have to pack up and move after 5pm on Friday. The weekend event gets started at 6pm. If you usually pay for upper paddock parking/pit you can still do that, just check with me before parking. We will want to leave the CES spots in the upper paddock open for Dave and his crew.

We WILL take a 1/2 hour break for the Marshalls mid-way through the day, again, I am providing Dinner for all drivers & their crew, Marshalls, and EMT’s, immediatly following the conclusion of the test day in the MX garage at the gate.

I will jump back here as soon as someone answers a phone at the track with info on Thursday camping, race fuel, weekend garage fees, upper paddock parking fees, etc.

Kenny, Rich, Chuck and I intend to drive out Thursday afternoon and camp overnight. I assume most of the benifits afforded us at April test dates will still be available next weekend but I will confirm all of this asap.


Any questions just call, text, email or drop it here.