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Robert Lawson

“A closed, private test, is what this will be. Only the original participants, their crew members, and my volunteer help for the April 9th date will be admitted on July 8th. All others must wait outside the circuit until the day is finished.”  (April 9th, 2016)




I have taken a few of calls & email from guys whom have asked to swap or otherwise transfer their spot in this Test Day to someone else.

When it was 1 person I thought…”gee, what can it hurt?” I tried to be “Mr. Nice Guy”  This week, and this weekend in particular, it seems to have blown up to a few more. So, I’m stoping this right here.

If you paid to TEST in April, you got a gift of a second chance when we rescheduled, which by the way no Org’s offer!

I won’t take “testing” away from those whom paid for it, so others can sell off to guys whom want to “practice”. No sir, if you would have missed the day in April had it gone off on schedule you would have been S-O-L.


So, in short, no regifting!


Sorry fellas, this is how it has to be. I’m sure there will be plenty of guys parked outside watching us go round and round and not enjoying it. I told the Management at Grattan, and Dave himself, that we would not be taking entries from the Event and I intend to keep my word.


I appoligize for any misunderstanding.


PS: That 1st guy is now coming!!!!