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Robert Lawson

Hey Guys!


Its time to dust this thing off and get to getting it!!!!

This is just a wake-up call right now but will have some new info coming very shortly. Some changes have been made, obviously, we have a weekend race event immediately following our test day.

With that knowledge I would expect your plans may have changed. On a single day test format you may not bring the entire family (excluding the Chappells :) )  like you might for an event weekend.

So, I’ll need some info from y’all. Let me know how many are in your crew so I have enough to feed everyone!!!!! ;)

You can hit me here or on email. f-125@hotmail.com


By the way, we will take a short break (if necessarry) at lunch for the marshalls but Curt will prepare our brisket and fixin’s for DINNER…..directly following the end of the day on track.

More to come, looking forward to getting out to the track!!!!!