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Jose Abella

Jim, first off thanks for the reply. Secondly, would it be possible that I’m only shifting into 3rd and THEN it doesnt upshift? just curious cause the first shifts are clear as day. I apologize for not making that clear in the first post but that is what i notice. BTW, today i took out the clutch to inspect and its as good as the new one i bought just in case. Definitely not the issue there. After I read your reply I realized that before I even drove the kart, I took off the shift lever completely because it was sloppy and had some play where it attaches by the steering. I fixed that but ow thinking about it, there is more than one hole to put the rod back to connect the linkage. That alone could very easily make a difference in how far the rod is actually moving. If the weather holds up, I will test your theory tomorrow. I’m anxious as it makes sense and I can relate it to what I’m experiencing. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep you posted.