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Those are old school tools, but you can still use them

I honestly couldn’t tell you how to adjust the caster, or the camber, but the toe should be pretty straight forward.

Every kart is different, and most new karts are based on a metric format, and the toe varies from 1 to 2 mm. You can probably set up the discs once you know your camber and caster is right where you want it, then take a measuring tape and compare front and back of discs, and depending on the chassis you can space about 1/16″ toed out in front ( reason for this is once you set the kart on the ground and you get on it, it will go toe in)

What year and manufacturer is your kart? It would make it easier for us what to recommend once we know what kart you have, understanding the tubing size and how soft or hard the chassis is.