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Linda Baldus

Just looking back over this past weekend, and feeling grateful for being a part of KART MARRS and all of the great folks that pitched in to make this event a success.

First of all, the racers. What a great bunch! And each and every one of you are important because w/o you, the rest of us couldn’t race @ Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. Special thanks to the Brown bunch and all of the rest of the Texans that come and support us.

Taylor Everhart, for getting the scales from Garnett to Hallett, and Melvin Nelson for offering to take them from Hallett to MPH. Ted Hite, Bryan Norman and Chris Ragan for pitching in with pre-tech. Roger Hatcher, post-tech. And of course, Maysha, Brooke and Shelby for their invaluable services.

Thanks all.


Keep on kartin'. llb
Raymore, MO