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Rod Hawkins

It isn’t much. There definitely is a little more, but not much. We didn’t have to adjust our baseline setup when we changed over to the 401.

TJ, thank you so much for your reply. So if a standard pill provides 3 degrees of caster, you wouldn’t buy an after market set of pills that provide a 1 degree or 2 degree caster to match a 401 and EVRR? If you are at your level and didn’t adjust it, I highly doubt someone like me is going to notice a difference.

BTW, Seems like you are always willing to help people out and I have even done a search on the subject on google and the info didn’t match what I was looking for, but it was about chassis set up and on a different forum and I recognized your name as someone replying to the question. The sport needs more people like you. Thanks again!