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Roger Ruthhart

Website update is complete and we expect to launch registration soon… just waiting on a last minute tweak to the Supplemental Rules. Classes are essentially the same as last year except Margay Ignite Shootout Junior class will replace 80cc shifter. Here’s the list:

* Yamaha Medium
* Yamaha Heavy 1
* Yamaha Heavy 2 (same tires)
* B&S 206 Medium
* B&S 206 Heavy 1
* B&S 206 Heavy 2 (same tires)
* B&S 206 Masters
* Margay Ignite Shootout Senior
* Margay Ignite shootout Junior
* Clone Medium
* Clone Heavy
* TAG Senior
* TAG Masters
* King of Streets Open shifter
* Masters 125 shifter
* Vintage  Sportsman
* Vintage Mac
* Vintage Open

Contact Keith Freber at Margay for arrive-and-drive information for the Ignite packages, which can also be raced in other LO206 classes.