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Daniel Agee

What type of chassis are you running? 30mm or 32? Also, you say you are struggling in the slow corners. Is it understeer on entry/exit? For me personally, I run a 32 while the top guys in my area have all converted to a 30. As a result, I’ve had to do everything I can to soften the rear of the kart. I went to the shortest possible rear hubs, gone out to 55″ rear width, soft seat without the secondary seat struts and then regarding your question about psi, I run about 1 psi higher in the rear than the front. I generally start my fronts at 10 cold, rear at 11. They’ll work their way up to 11.5/12.5 hot. Some of the other guys I’ve talked to with 30mm chassis get their tires to about 15-16psi hot.