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Patrick Roth

My two cents… yes, it should have an effect; however, whether it is positive or negative is up to you and what you are experiencing with your driving style.  If it were me, I’d give it a shot and see what happens.

I do agree that you need to have the tuning in the ballpark in order to improve as a driver but I would speculate that most new drivers don’t have a clue what the ballpark is.  I’ve seen several people (including myself) start off karting and think that tuning changes needed to be made in order to go faster only to get to a point where the tuning is so far out there that there is no way the kart is handling properly in order to go fast.  Some of the best money I ever spent on karting was to buy a complete setup from a local racer who set fast laps in the precise kart I bought.  This forced me to learn how to drive and it also made me understand how the handling changes when tires fall off, the track changes, and the weather changes.  It also forced me to understand that I simply didn’t have the skill to feel changes due to small tweaks and the stopwatch is the ultimate measure.