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Mike Bruce

It actually wouldn’t reach the same RPMs. Started stumbling at 9,000 or so. I forgot to mention that I also went up to a jet of 140 during the race. Lower power, lower RPMs. I am SURE it was really rich. My buddy has the same setup, and he was running a 125 or so…… Nobody near me has had any issues. Guys at the track said gearing or jetting. I keep preaching to them that I don’t think it is carb/gearing related since the carb swap has the same exact symptom. I will as also told that the vacuum lines layout, and length are critical. I haven’t had chance to look at that yet. It am assuming that the crank position sensor is the same one as last year…..


So was it better with or without the pill?

Install an extra gasket between the sensor and the engine block. That seemed to help mine. Also, I seem to need to run 2-3 more teeth on the axel gear than my friends without the EVO kit to get the same RPMs.