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Larry Dobbs

Hi Matt,

I would love to see you at our races on the left coast!  Laguna happens once a year for a one day club race, usually in January or February (only time we can get the track and at 92db maximum noise level).  In the past we held races along with sports cars or motorcycles but this has not happened in years and probably will not.  I am racing in Shelton, WA on June 3rd (practice day) and 4th (race day) at “The Ridge” a wonderful track that combines many attributes similar to Laguna Seca and Sonoma Raceways including the “corkscrew” and “carousel”.  Please consider attending our left coast club races where we have 10 -20 drivers in the superkart classes.  I have listed the left coast racing schedule in the Roadracing forum on this website.


Larry Dobbs