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Daryle Redlin

Ed, I suggest you don’t try to go into any other form of ” spec” racing. If you think karting is messed up wait until you try to race something like ” spec miata”. Anytime you get a series that specs every last thing on an engine you will get the people that will spend the money to find all the little parts that are just a bit better, SO WHAT. That’s racing dude. If I can go to the track and figure something out with the engine and beat you I’m going to do it. If it costs me a bunch of money who cares, its my money. If you think that all the Iame engines and Rok engines are the same you need to take off your rose colored classes. Interestingly the engine builders that are fast in Rotax are also fast in the Iame classes, hmmm could it be that they know something about building engines that you don’t? There are hundreds of club racers out there with Rotax engines that are having a blast driving the engine. I have competed at the top level in rotax and leopard/rok/x30 etc and not once did we spend 15k on an engine. All two strokes require the correct skill set to tune and I’ve found many times that engines are simply not tuned correctly. Are there some engines that are better than others, sure, but that’s the same in every single class.

As far as your comments about Rotax changing the parts. Thats a laugh, Rok has changed the entire engine three times in the last few years, original Rok, RokTT, Rok GP. What about all the racers that now have those boat anchors. At least in Rotax you can still run engines that are over 5 years old. The same deal with Iame, original leopard, then digital ignition, then MY09, then Skusa bans all engines expect the X30. So who’s costing who more money?

Sorry for the rant back at you, I don’t know you but you are way off the mark man. You’ve had some issues, fair enough but there isn’t some big conspiracy trying to screw you over. From the people that I know operating the major series in the US and Canada they are all good people trying to do what they feel is right. None of them is getting rich, they all are putting up with tons of bullshit everyday from people like you complaining about everything.

If you think you can do it better, build your own engine, manufacturer thousands of them a year and ship them all around the world, then setup series all over the place, then manage the series and all the complaints and when you have it all running perfect let me know and I will come over and support you with it. Until then be part of the solution not part of the problem. Have a great day.

Daryle Redlin