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Darren McDonough

I agree with Mike, this sounds like you’re just bashing for the sake of bashing.  You don’t like Rotax; great, don’t race it.  For us, Rotax has been great and the support we have gotten from Maxspeed and suppliers around the country has far exceeded our expectations.  We’ve run the Rotax now for 5 years entering 2 divisions per event at 10-15 events per year and have only had one motor related failure in that time (loose plug resulting in a stuck motor).  We do regular maintenance and have no issues.  Is wallet racing is present? Sure, as with any other division in karting.  But we choose to race within our budget and have really had a great time doing with the Rotax.  We’d love to try the X30 and for that fact the stock Honda shifters but in our area (Gulf Coast), we’d be all alone on the grid… and that just ain’t racing, right!?

Mike’s final comment is also spot on.  The last thing we need in our sport is this sophomoric “Chevy v Ford v Dodge” mentality.