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Ed Portz

+1 for Mike’s comment

simple,  I used to be a Rotax cheerleader helped recruit new dads at track, then when I finally saw what Rotax was all about, super poor quality,  constant updates, restricting a 125 to race micro and mini and jr doesn’t work, when you can buy 10 cylinders and 10 ignitions etc to make it go faster.  This has been the biggest parts racing series ever.  Thats why all the big money folks have gravitated to it, they can afford to spend what ever to develop a super fast engine in the restricted classes so their driver has a advantage, where most of the dads can’t.  I know and have raced with dads spending over $10k $15k $50k for motors.  its retarded.  Rotax never made a claiming rule back 3-4 years ago when all the dads where crying for it and guess what? They all bailed.  everyone is racing IAME and Rok now.  The people running Rotax where told 100’s of times all the issues and never did anything because they where making so much money selling parts they didn’t want it to stop.

This is a I told you so post.