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Ambrose Buldo

TJ, you are very obserative. This the first time I have driven this track in years so you are spot on about not pushing it very hard. I was about a 1.5 sec off pace. Some of that was probably the tires some due some due to some conserativism this weekend.

I would write it off to lack of track knowledge and driving issues (Stop watch does not lie) but I have exactly the same issue at my home track (OVRP) and at that track my times are competitive. The corner exit oversteer is actually a little more pronounced there.

I think you are spot on with tuning with the old tires, expecially being a different compound. So, next weekend (New track to me as well) I will run 1st session on these old tires with same setup to replicate issue (I am sure I will). I will then switch over to the new tires, with no changes and use that as the baseline and adjust kart to what she is doing on the new tires.

If I experience the same issue, I will take your guidance and attempt to fix the oversteer via:

– Narrowing the rear by 5mm each side and see if I can get the outside rear tire to dig harder. I will keep the factory neutral front end setup intact.

Is 9-11 the hot target or cold starting point on MH Yellow?

When you say VERY low on entry, I think you are suggesting I am turning in too early. I’ll pay attention to that this weekend. That should be evidenced by tracking out too early. So sounds like I should be turning in later, being more aggressive on turn in, leaning more on the front tires at corner entry.

Thanks everyone for input… I find the video helps with processing changes.