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Dan Brown

I have an ikart with an ’09 Leopard at 400 lbs and I am having the exact opposite problem. My inside tire is setting down to quickly and it gets understeer from apex out. I am running MG yellows, as tire pressure built up it got worse, had best results running at 11.5 lbs. I have a T3 soft axle with 65mm hubs, John Martin and Randy Word both suggested a T1 ultrasoft axle. The track was cold and green the last week of March when I drove it last, I had shoulder surgery 2 days later and haven’t been back out. Before I make any changes I want to run it again on a warmer track that has picked up some rubber to see how is acts. It felt as if the outside rear tire was washing out due to the cold green track, and that was causing the inside to drop early. Even with the not perfect handling, I put down some great lap times as the ikart chassis feels like it recovers quicker from a less than perfect corner than any of my other karts ever did.