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Just have some one put it on the table and do it for you

Most table guys will charge you anywhere from $100, $150 to $200

And it will work just fine

Save all your time, frustration, tooling expenses while supporting a local karting shop.

I know most table guys will show up at most major events to offer their services, as there are lots of bent chassis during the race.

But if this is not doable then build a tool that will attach to the yoke in place of the spindle with threaded holes at top and bottom, make sure the spacers fit up on top of the yokes, where the camber pills go, then put bolts and washers top and bottom, tighten them up.

Then weld a very strong handle in the middle for you to pry it down with.

Good luck, and I hope I didn’t confuse you too much. FastFreddy.