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Mike Clark

No Clue as to what it could possibly be for. Sounds goofy and obviously didn’t work out for a few people. I wouldn’t do it as I love my gloves, hand, elbow and shoulders. I have never even fist bumped another driver. I took me a good while to trust adjusting the jets on a KT100 while moving. I won’t try to adjust brake balance while moving.

When I raced bicycles I was comfy wiping my tires as a rode but there was a method to doing it. I could even brake with my foot on a tire if needed but both served a purpose and employed a method to not suck your hand between a tire and the frame or forks.

Greg, I have seen some things guys do that are stupid. Speeding on pit row and some other things like going the wrong direction in the pits. Last test day a kart passed within 24″ behind a friend in the paddock. If my friend would have stepped back he could have been badly injured as the kart was traveling too fast.