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Daniel Wendel

Scott, letter summited.
As far as attendance for KM goes, it could defiantly improve on the local level, as well as national.
There is a big hurdle for new drivers entering KM between finding a mod moto engine, or dealing with the extra engine costs of a KZ, and 2 strokes in general. It is not that appealing for new drivers, it is not a class you can just jump in and be fast. That is why street class has taken off, bolt some RE71s on and race the whole season, cheap, fun and competitive.
KM needs to look at alternatives, such as spec Honda as the base engine config of the class, not hidden in mod moto rules. You see listing here everyday for spec Honda engines, how often is a mod for sale?
I have asked a few people why they don’t want to drive KM, most say they don’t want to deal with 2 strokes and the maintenance that is also required. 4 strokes they would like. Currently the CRF250 is an expensive option, and also illegal for the class. If a national karting series starting running them I am sure the prices would drop.
Then there is the L0206/clone, very popular class at kart tracks around the country, while not as fast as a single speed tag. They are cheap, reliable and easy on tires, meaning easier entry to the class. This would be a far stretch to run in the same class as a shifter and be remotely close in times. I hate the ideas of additional classes, but may be we should explore and look deeper this route. Again currently legal but not competitive against a single speed TAG. One thought is to remove the age cap on FJA and make it junior, senior and master in a single class structure?

For the existence of KM to continue I think we should start talking about what needs to be done to get newer drivers into the class.