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Robert Lawson


Its been a long day for sure!!!!

All the calls and texting, emails and messages…..my brain was fryed! I think I’m suffering from Radiation Brain due to holding that phone to my head so long the last few days!!!

This weather has messed up the “Spring Training” part of this thing, thats for sure. I did get out there and back, plus just finished uploading and attaching the video to a mass email to most of you.

Next stop was right here. Didn’t want this info out “in public” until the parties involved could be notified. I made those calls and we can now move forward with a new date for the Test. This is a copy & paste of the email I just sent out:



After reviewing the input from all of you, of the 2 dates we had to choose from, the majority consensus was that July 8th is the best fit for a make-up date. All but 1 participant will be able to make it, and from that total, only 1 has said they would not be able to stay for the race event that weekend.

I know this is not what was originally planned or intended but I had no control over the outcome.

A closed, private test, is what this will be. Only the original participants, their crew members, and my volunteer help for the April 9th date will be admitted on July 8th. All others must wait outside the circuit until the day is finished.

PS: Dave Ahrens, please send a note back I have some info for you!

Any questions, y’all know where to find me!!!



This is what we would have had to deal with out at Grattan if we had not postponed the Test Day:



I did the best I could to “please everyone” and as you can see, the damage was minimal. Dave Larson @ CES was not too happy to hear about this but it was cleared by the management before we took our video lap of the facility today. No one can control the weather, we get another crack at this so lets pray for good Summertime weather for the entire weekend in July.

As mentioned, any questions, just ask.


Thanks for your patients in all this Boys.