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Robert Lawson

Hey Y’all,


First, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. It certianly helped in speaking with all of you yesterday! (still suffering with radiation head!)

By now you have been informed by email or text that we have officially postponed the Test Day for this Saturday, April 9th.

Just too darn cold!!!

I will be driving out there Saturday to negotiate a new date and take video of what you missed. ;)

The “car group” has been calling with the same concerns (rain & snow Sunday!), I think they were waiting for us to postpone so they could bump up to Saturday!!!! Sissies, they have multi layer suits and heat cars!!! :)

So, I should be home early enough to post up the video of the conditions out there and have a new secure date from your input to shoot for.

If you have any new questions or concerns, or something I didn’t address yesterday, please let me know. You can talk here, PM’s or email.

Thanks Guys!!!!