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Robert Lawson

As promised, here is what is happening:


I spoke extensively with Sam Faasen this morning about the possibility of extremely frigid overnight temps and a very cold high temp for Saturday 4-9-16. We agreed that regardless of precipitation the current forecast trend would be incompatable with water cooled engines and the use of anti freeze would NOT be an acceptable alternative. So, at this point, being only Tuesday, we will wait and watch the forecast before making any decision on rescheduling.


A group rented the facility for Sunday 4-10-16, so that as I mentioned is no longer an option for a backup date. Sam mentioned having 2 open weekends on their schedule in the month of May that may be used as alternatives. This is not a high percentage of likelyness though, he already has groups negotiating these dates. As business practice they prefer to take full weekend bookings before single weekend days. I completely understand this.

Right now, we will wait to see how the next 2 days play out with a forecast. I will be going out there regardless of the outcome.


So, we do have options. I have not finished exploring all of them so it isn’t possible to mention some just yet. I’ll be back with more as soon as I get info.

Be patient and watch the weather guys!