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Robert Lawson

What a difference a week makes!


Last Monday the forecast was for highs in the 60’s, a few days later the 50’s, over the weekend into the 40’s, and now…..thats right….the 30’s!!!!

No chance of precip but damn cold. Speaking with the Chef today, finalizing all the details on the food, he mentioned that someone has rented the track for Sunday the 10th. There was always that chance although it has never happened before. On that note, we have also never had to postpone or reschedule!

So, our back up plan has changed. Lets hope we won’t need to deal with that.

I do not have another back up date yet, I didn’t speak to Sam in the office today. I’ll do that in the AM tomorrow (uh, at 1:04am I guess thats today!) Tuesday 4-5-16.


I’ll be back here before lunch with an update on this. Stay tuned!!!!