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Robert Lawson



Got it today! (Friday)


I also had a couple guys drive over and drop off their fee’s too, none wanted to be left out!!!

Worked on Rich’s kart today trying to help him get ready. He has needed to send his Digatron back to have new connections put on the guage. I hate this set up, the little posts break off the brass connectors and the leads will not stay pluged in. He has still not sent it back so I rigged it up and they will more than likely work for the day. Rewired his water pump and installed a run light so he remembers to turn it on!!!!

The overwelming majority of karts are CIK 125’s, we should see 3-4 250’s, 3-4 CIK TAG’s, 3-4 air cooled karts of different types and just Rich and I in F-125’s.

The forcasts seems to be holding up but the high temp is steadily dropping! Last look said H 50 with partly sunny skies and 0% chance of precip.

We’ll be fine!!! Looking forward to getting lots of video and tons of laps!!!


More soon,