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Robert Lawson


If you intend to participate in this Test Day you are running out of time!

Your entry must be here (in my hand) no later than mail call on Friday April 1st.

We will not accept entries at the track!!!


Those Faasen boys (track owners) are pretty good salesmen I must say! Just off the horn with Curt (the Chef!) on vaca down in the Florida Keys and he talked me into doing not just a Beef Brisket but also a nice  Pork Tenderlion as well. Never should have called after a 3 day fast!!!

The homemade smoker will be working overtime at the track. If the engine needs more repair than Rich did (which looks fantastic by the way!) there is no down side…..I will be over at the MX building taste testing instead of track testing!!!!

Look forward to seeing everyone in a couple weeks!