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Aaron LaRoque

The west coast has never been that strong for Rotax.  But you look at the east coast and the biggest series in the US, the FWT.  In 2012 there were 58 minimax drivers, in 2013 there there were 48, in 2014 there were 50.  In 2015 when they went to the 1010 chassi, there were 27!!  This year there were even less, the final found this year had 16.  When you talk to the drivers in 2015 who normally would have moved up to minimax, most of them stayed in micromax another year because of the 1010 chassi rule.  Then they all just left and went and raced mini rok and mini swift.  Hmmm.  I admit Rotax has other problems, but the 1010 rule and the weight of 290 did not help.