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Robert Lawson


Sounds like you and I should not hang to closely at the track….or in route for that matter!!! :)
I spoke to Eric via text (which I hate doing by the way!) about your experience with the Maxter and some gearing questions. Would LOVE to get my hands on a Maxter KZ but it is just out of my ballpark on $$$.

Missed out on a couple engines here on EKN in the past few months. Looking at past ad’s a few folks got some great deals. I’ll keep looking, maybe something will pop up, you never know.

I have free access to a newer model YZ250 and if nothing else comes up I may just give it a try. Might be fun at MIS!!!



Ardy asked in a PM when the “drop dead” date for entry is as his guys are still building up their package. I will not take entries at the gate. This isn’t a “business” for me, and making $$$ although nice, is not why we do these things. Think about it…..where and when other than Grattan in April/Oct can you get a decent road course, all to yourself (+/- 25), for the entire day with EMT, safety/marshalls, and don’t forget the best part….LUNCH all that and more for under $200!!!?????

You can’t. THAT is why we do this.

So, yes…there must be a deadline. Leaving time for checks to clear, I really need to have all entries here by the 1st of April.

Bruce was first, not surprising hes from Indy! Of course my pal Racer “X” was a close second and Ted came third on the USPS podium!!! I’ll work on trophies for y’all.

We need 20 more to load the mail box beside Rich and I. Oh yeah…thats right, a frozen engine isn’t going to keep me off that track… big daddy is coming to play!!! I may not have my standard ride but I do have friends with stuff I can turn laps in.


I’ll update our progress regularly.


Back Soon!