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If crank sensor is picking up too much noise, then without crank sensor gasket the engine won’t rev past 12500. At least, that’s the symptom that I had in Feb 2015. You could hear a bad sound when it cuts off exactly at 12500, and it feels like an electrical issue. If it revs past 12500 and slowly picks up RPM, I doubt it’s that.

Hard to tell anything else without knowing spark plug type, float height, etc. My guess is that it’s still too rich with 128 and 130. Give it a try with Denso IW-27 and 125 main jet. And make sure you have the right gear ratio and floats are not too lean.

P.S. It’s not uncommon to have people run 120 and 122 too, so you can try this for 1 session – it’s not going to hurt the engine.