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Robert Lawson

Beautiful day here today!

Was out in the Garage looking into Rich’s water pump issue. Long story short it has some grunkis in it and now works and sounds fine. Of course, it got me thinking….wonder if mine needs a cleaning! Uncovered the kart, plugged a battery in and flipped the switch…..ah yes, running like it was new! Shut it off and started to walk away…..then I heard…..gurgle, gurgle, gurgle…..

My luck can not be any worse. As I turned I saw the devastation, that tell tail sign of doom. A puddle started to appear as a stream of water drained off the floor tray onto the garage floor……directly under the engine!

Seems this one suffered the same fate as the first! Bummer, I just don’t understand how it happened. The first time I forgot to drain the system after an April test day that was followed by a cold snap. I drained all the water at the track in October this past fall at the end of the day. Guess you have to get every bit of water out of that void in the crankcase!

So, I have learned yet another lesson. If you can’t store your kart in your bedroom its best to put anti freeze in the system just for Winter!!!!

What a foolish mistake. None the less……we have just about a month until the test day and I intend to drive something!!! We’ll figure it out, I can’t let y’all have all the fun!!!! (although that would put me first in line for lunch….hmmm???)

Send those entries guys, and….check your water system too!!!! :)