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Larry Dobbs

Hello everyone!  April 16th is our next race on our exciting HYBRID race track at Thunderhill; only six weeks away.  Our neighbors to the north are planning to join us as well as groups of sprint/roadracers from the south.  There has been a resurgence of TaGs, 80 shifters, and 4 strokes lately which this new track seems to have been made-to-order for, although I have to admit I am having an absolute blast in my 250 on this track (can you say throttle steer ;))!!  The last race included friends and family track time at the end and I thought I was going to get murdered by my new racing buddies wife after he took my superkart for a try and wouldn’t get out of the seat, but much to my surprise she was almost as excited about it as Bruce was!  Anyway, don’t forget to bring a sprint racing friend to this track to try roadracing because they will love this track!