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Robert Lawson

Ok, here you go….


Per usual our Test day is on a Saturday, April 9th, and our make up date is the following day on Sunday the 10th. This only applies if we call off before the EMT rolls out to the track (aprox. 7am) If infact it rains all weekend we would then be resceduled for a date TBD.


*There is NO race fuel available at the track in April.*

*Community air line should be available at maintenance shed on east end of garages*

You can arrive on Friday and camp (no charge) or drop off and hit a hotel.

Garages are available (no charge), each has electrical and compressed air. You will need to bring your own hose and air tools for use in a garage.

A MyCron timing/data beacon is provided. (drivers right)

Weather permitting we should have a green track (no pun intended) at 9am.

We will break for lunch at 12 noon or 12:30. Lunch is provided for EMT’s, Marshalls, and all Drivers & Crew in the MX garage. As mentioned, we will have a freshly smoked brisket with all the fixings and drinks.

We conclude for the day, on track, at 5pm. No rush to pack/leave.

Everyone will be pitted in the upper paddock. This makes track condition (green/red) communication easier. Drivers will enter the circuit at the jump on the back side of the course via lower paddock access roads and under direction of a Marshall. Drivers will exit the circuit at T12/main straight, standard pit lane entrance, and continue through upper paddock to individual pit location.

* There will be NO use of the full pit lane or entrance to the circuit at the pit exit on the main straight!*

At the end of the day I always try to get a rolling start mock race going just for fun. The purpose of this day is not competition but testing & tuning. Many will be doing just that….testing…. so please be aware that “race pace” is not always observed.

There are a few new guys coming out so we will have a Driver meeting to discuss all the procedures/flags/etc. before getting started.
Johnny West mentioned he may just bring his GSXR 600 kart and the Thunder Roadster race car and turn some laps in each of them! Should be interesting.

The cost per Driver is $175 and must be paid in advance!


Send/make check or money order to:

Robert Lawson

17731 Ivanhoe St.

Roseville, MI. 48066

Please include kart package/classification


Thanks Y’all, I’ll bring you more as it comes.