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Ronald Salas

hey andy
i had to jump into this topic since i just re-entered kart racing after about a 20 year absence… i was and always will be a 4 stroke karter… all the positive things they say about it are true!… i will cut and paste the two comments i made on another subject of balance… i was fortunate enough to research and do my homework by asking a lot of questions on different karts and looking a a lot of pictures on the internet… i ended up buying two Birels (2013 R30 CY and a 2011 R28 cadet)… on the cadet i had to cut just the permanently mounted seat struts and buy some moveable ones (old school).. the other i made sure the kart had an offset seat already (my guess is european kart manufacturers are realizing the other half of karting is 4 stroke!)… i hope you don’t give up and maybe count that chassis as a learning experience…

Hey David
I also recently purchased, for me and my oldest son of 14 years, a Birel 2013 R30-CY that seems to have the permanent seat struts already off set to fit a 4 stroke (Hondas/clones and Briggs use the same bolt pattern and are very similar in size)… On my other sons, of 10 years, I purchased a cadet Birel 2011 R28, which I cut the permanent seat struts off (were not offset) and found some good moveable seat struts (old school/they way they were done in the past) to offset the seat to the left to fit the motor (any 4 stroke)… you want to make sure you get a good fully adjustable 1/2 inch thick billet aluminum motor mount first… I found one on ebay that is 10 degrees for wheel clearance, seat clearance (look for a narrow simple chain guard too) and chain/sprocket clearance on the back cross member that are now angled (unlike the older chassis in the past that were straight) this makes for a tight fit since all 4 strokes are inboard driven… you don”t want to offset the motor too much (overhang the motor rails) like I see on a lot of karts because of motor vibration, weight balance (your concern!) and chassis flex!… this has been a very big learning curve and experience for me too for the last nine months since I haven’t raced since the 90’s… call me if you would like (Ill send you pics of the mount and struts/chain guard/finished cadet kart) and for more info on where I got the mount and seat struts because I am/was in the same boat your in…

Ron Salas

hey david!
don’t offset seat too much because you wont have too… on the 2011 Birel C28 R cadet kart, at the most i offset seat (size small) was two inches (no where near six inches?!?) more than where the permanent seat mounts were… i was able to place all the load on both rails with no overhang of the engine (with the !/2″ thick billet aluminum fully adjustable front to back side to side mount i recommended… about $120 and money well spent!)… you don’t want the engine to overhang due to vibration from the motor and the springboard effect it will have but– you will definitely still require chain/clutch/sprocket clearance since four strokes are inboard driven… the 2013 Birel R30 CY as mentioned before had the seat permanently offset about by (once again) two inches… i had plenty of clearance with about an inch to spare (before clutch touches large size seat)… motor is not dead center on rails but probably overhangs about less than an inch… after all this is done you can now move the seat (with karter in it) or motor front to back to reach a proper balance (as we use to do old school in the 80’s/90″s)… best of luck

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