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Ray Mcik

01.19.2016 – David Cole Joins WKA as District 6 Trustee

CONCORD, NC – The World Karting Association is proud to announce the addition of David Cole as the newest member to the Board of Trustees, following the most recent election. Cole, a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan his entire life, will be serving as Trustee in District 6, covering the states of Michigan and Ohio.

Coles background in karting has been very extensive. From being a fan at a very early age, to getting behind the wheel at the age of 10, Cole’s experience that he brings to the board spans many avenues of the karting industry, helping to not only provide knowledge from a competitors standpoint, but also from the aspect of clubs and regional touring series, as the Michigan native also volunteered his time in the nineties and early 2000’s, working with the Michigan Kart Club and Mid State Super Series.

Since 2005, Cole has managed the largest karting website in the country, ekartingnews, thus adding yet another angle from which to help and promote the sport. Attending numerous events in the US and Europe, Coles vast travel schedule allows him to also bring the many different perspectives from a track promoter and owners standpoint to the table as well, further making him a well rounded choice for a Board seat.

Like many in the industry, Cole is hoping to find a way to help the sport where it is lagging the most, the grass roots level, local racing specifically, as well as club and regional levels of the sport, hoping to re-stabilize the true foundation of the karting industry, assuring the top levels of the sport, the national events, remain healthy as well.

Joining Cole on his team are his 4 Cycle Representative David Kalb from Cleveland, Ohio, as well as Bob Cole, his 2 Cycle rep. Kalb also brings a ton of experience with him, with a son, David Jr, who is currently successfully competing in both the WKA Mfg Cup and Gold Cup programs, as well as many other programs in karting, and who also recently came away with one of the LO206 Junior wins at Daytona in Round 1 of the all new WKA Winter Cup program. A graduate of Ohio State University, David also is no stranger to operating a facility, having been the president of Thompson Kartway in 2011, wearing all the hats that go with the title, including that of Race Director.

Bob Cole also brings a wealth of years and experience to the table, serving as the 2 Cycle Rep. With roughly 42 years under his belt in the racing industry, Bob’s focus will include the Road Race program, as the recently retired motorsports veteran has plenty of time to chat with the people in the industry, as well as continue to attend many races in the midwest.

WKA welcomes the 3 newest members to its Board of Trustees Table, and looks forward to working with each of them, as the momentum in the karting industry continues to get stronger as of late.

Additionally, WKA would like to also extend its sincerest thanks and appreciation to Jerry Cole, the most recent Trustee in District 6 the past several years. Through his business, Michigan Kart Supply, Cole has served as sponsor, racer, Director of the Great Lakes Sprint Series, and has spent countless hours working with both the Gold Cup and Road Race programs, helping to enhance them year after year.