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mike clements

It’s been more than 6 months since someone posted here. Let’s get those old 4 stroke opens out and do some racing.  I have an old Gil Horstman Briggs open motor from 1975.  It made 12+ hp on my dyno. So, I thought I would run it with the vintage guys over @ Adams kart track next month. Boy, Was I invited to stay home or what ! ?  Seems those guy do NOT like 4 strokes.  But, I have to tell you, my first kart ever, Christmas of 1959 came stock with a Lausen 2.5hp 4 stroke. This was a race kart for it’s day and all my buddies got the same kart. By new years day 1960 we held our first race and we all ran 4 strokes. Then we raced against the 2 strokes and we were even up with them. Most of them ran the 2.5 hp west bend 580’s .