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Ronald Salas

Hey David
I also recently purchased, for me and my oldest son of 14 years, a Birel 2013 R30-CY that seems to have the permanent seat struts already off set to fit a 4 stroke (Hondas/clones and Briggs use the same bolt pattern and are very similar in size)… On my other sons, of 10 years, I purchased a cadet Birel 2011 R28, which I cut the permanent seat struts off (were not offset) and found some good moveable seat struts (old school/they way they were done in the past) to offset the seat to the left to fit the motor (any 4 stroke)… you want to make sure you get a good fully adjustable 1/2 inch thick motor mount first… I found one on ebay that is 10 degrees for wheel clearance, seat clearance (look for a narrow simple chain guard too) and chain/sprocket clearance on the back cross member that are now angled (unlike the older chassis in the past that were straight) this makes for a tight fit since all 4 strokes are inboard driven… you don”t want to offset the motor too much (overhang the motor rails) like I see on a lot of karts because of motor vibration, weight balance (your concern!) and chassis flex!… this has been a very big learning curve and experience for me too for the last nine months since I haven’t raced since the 90’s… call me if you would like (Ill send you pics of the mount and struts/chain guard/finished cadet kart) and for more info on where I got the mount and seat struts because I am/was in the same boat your in…

Ron Salas