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Mike Clark

NOLA Motorsports Park




It is a nice place to have within 10 minutes from my house. Our garage is about 6 minutes away from the track. I have no desire to travel to another track. There is a restaurant that just re opened.

Karting Center has Robbie Poupart, Damon Cuccia and other staff members that are bringing customer service to the ‘next level’. Nelly, Brian, Dominic, Joe and the rest there are always great to deal with and there are a few no longer there that were great. Jay Howard is there now and he is someone I want to learn from.

The track is highly configurable. I am not sure how it ranks on looks but for me it is a beautiful thing. It’s New Orleans Metro area. Like most places it is the people that make it great. A lot of folks putting out 100% effort to please the customers. Functional Beauty!