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TJ Koyen

To expand on Gary’s post, 14,000 RPM+ should be the maximum RPM you should be shooting for, not clutch stall. Clutch stall should be between 8500-9000 depending on your engine’s powerband. We’ve run 4-hole can Yamahas up to 15k for years with no issues.

No one I know runs #35 chain in 2-stroke karting. So by switching to 219 you’ll be comparing gearing ratios in apples-to-apples terms. Here’s a good little write up on 219 vs 35: http://www.tsracing.com/Techtips/TSchain.html

You really need a MyChron or RPM gauge of some kind to make any meaningful adjustments to gearing or clutch stall.

I’ve been to the kart track many times there but can’t remember the gearing. Also they usually run several different configurations depending on what series is running that day. So I would email the guys at the club to ask them what they are running. Or post in their Facebook, there seems to be a pretty good following there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/347111190778/

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