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Robert Lawson

Ted, Greg, Ryan, and of course my bro Eric….thanks guys for responding!


I’m going to start looking for a sprinter to put a Predator on just for the day. Cherri and I have more than enough nephews that may be interested in turning laps with young Maximus!


Guys, think about doing the same. If you or a karting friend have a chassis sitting around consider doing the same and help in getting a youngster started.


The Predator is cheap, in stock form it will be super safe (slow) for a new young person. I understand for competition they require rods, flywheels, cranks, etc but that is in an unrestricted form. They won’t be able to keep up with Max but it will still be a fun ride for them. Just a thought….


More to come,





* Bruce & Alan…..I didn’t forget ya, Thanks guys!!!