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James McMahon

We need a central clearing house to distribute results, race reports, publicity and more. Thoughts?

We should chat on the phone. I’ll message you my details.
What you describe is what kartpulse.com is intended to be. Now it’s not there yet, so I want to manage that expectation.  Here’s the articles home page for example: https://www.kartpulse.com/articles

You can read articles that are from around you by radius if you like. Publishing an article is open to all. Drivers, tuners, track, series, orgs, businesses etc. We have editing and veto rights should they be needed, but people tend to be a bit more thoughtful when they post an article vs starting a forum thread.

It’s a custom built platform for discovery and exploration of karting content. Designed from the ground up to support and grow the sport.
The kartpulse facebook page, at this point is an audience building exercise (and a little fun) while I wrap up the roadmap for kartpulse. The roadmap will outline what the site and project will look like and how that ties in with the direction I feel we should go to grow karting, based on the research I’ve done.

I will build the platform, but as a community we need to get the content on there. The roadmap includes a content and engagement strategy, but I want to stress the point that each of us needs to chip in.
Once that roadmap is complete (Thinking end of Feb) we’ll be accelerating the development of the site visually and otherwise with a goal to have it really rocking by end of 2016.

Then, (I feel) we have something that’s worth promoting and can get people that engaged by what the see to the next step, usually checking out their local track.

“Big media” is becoming an increasingly poor investment. I realize that this is a bit of a blanket statement, so like anything there are outliers.
With how social media and the “modern”
web has evolved over the last 5 years especially, you can get exposure right now and it will likely be more targeted. For that to be effective we need somewhere to send interested folks that can guide and woo them through the steps.

If we look at karting as a whole (This is what I have been doing and I believe we should) and put a marketing hat on…. We’re badly broken on the consideration and conversion part on a systemic level.


We can fix this, but we need to be working in mostly the same direction…