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Mike Peters

I spoke with Wilshire Walkup at Daytona regarding the cost to go Road Racing. Yes it is expensive. It is not for folks that work at Walmart or Burger King. However,  compared to say SCCA spec racing its a bargain. According to Wilshire, If I am remembering correctly, he and his family can go to 10 Kart Road Races for what it costs for him alone to go to 4 SCCA spec races. You can not compare racing on a small tight sprint track on Sat where you get maybe 45 min of total track time to a weekend of Road Racing. Compared to any other non karting Road Race series, Karting is a cheap ride.

As Far as Laydown Road Racing being more dangerous than sprint racing, I’ve been involved in both & I have seen far more dangerous driving in the Sprint & Dirt series than I have ever seen in Laydowns. Yup it can hurt a lot more at 100mph than it might at 60mph but if it all goes down wrong it’s gonna leave a mark.