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Mike Peters

I have had two things I have been passionate about in my life. They are Surfing & Road Racing. I stepped away from Road Racing karts 30 years ago & focused on Surfing & my career. I’m retired now & my knee would never survive a bottom turn on even a small wave.  However, I can still drive. Getting into & mostly out of the kart is going to be a challenge. Anyway, I have a Go pro & it will be on the kart. I will contribute all my videos to the effort.

We need to keep casting the net to find that person that has the skills & resources to do each pc that needs to be done. I have invited everyone I know & some I don’t to join this conversation. If we can get the ball over the crest of the hill, it will roll down by itself. The more folks you have pushing towards the crest the better. Invite everyone to join this conversation.

Just invited Joe Gibbs


Now I have to go finish my PT so I can hopefully get out of the kart at Roebling Road. Plus finish a side job to pay for my motor rebuild.