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James McMahon

My observation is that coverage\exposure a shiny object at this point. I believe lack of mainstream media coverage is an easy crutch for us to lean on when we say that karting is not as big as we’d like it to be. I insist we have lots of coverage already. Enough for now.

Sure, us racers love the idea of it because it makes us feel good, but for the effort and resources required I don’t think it’s going to move the needle for butts in seat at this point. We can buy exposure right now though various media channels on the web. Amortized across the sport it would be pennies (well dollars) per track/series. There’s a bunch of ways we can pay for something like that (I have lots of ideas ha) but we need to have somewhere to point people first. Once that’s done kartpulse will start working on marketing karting, as a whole using these kinds channels. We’ll review what’s working and what’s not, iterate, make changes and go from there.

Sure, a million views would be awesome, but all for nothing if we don’t have something in place to guide the interested parties to the next step, a resource that delivers more actionable, relevant content to them. I think to get to one million it would take more than just action shots. It would need some sort of story too. Also I value the quality/relevance of the audience over sheer volume. With how we can target folks, based on their interests with razor sharp accuracy on the web this tends to work better than casting a wide net.

We have tons of ideas as a collective, that’s why I say they are worthless because 96% of them are not being executed. You are executing and for that I salute you.

Yes a better video would be good. In the absence of anyone else committing to it, I plan to make something for road racing this year. I kicked off a little campaign on facebook you might have seen asking why people like to go road racing. Some of that will shape the marketing message of the video. With the laydown video we posted, the effort/reward ratio was high all things considered. It took less than 10 minutes to put together. With most people’s involvement in kart racing being part time I think it’s good to focus on things that have a good effort vs potential reward whenever we can.

I think it’s interesting that an enduro video was one of the most popular kart racing videos I’ve seen on facebook. The majorly viral ones are typically less racing oriented, and more drag race or some loon on the street.

Having said all that, it takes time to get momentum for what you are working on, so hopefully our two paths will be on track around the same time. Then I think we’re in good shape to grow this thing.