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Mike Peters

I have watched that video many times & it would make a good segment but we need one with more action. It also needs to get millions of views.  As for doing nothing, I will be having dinner with John Klutz hopefully at Roebling & this is one of the things I plan to discuss. Maybe someone on here that is friends with Robby Harper can talk to him. He knows how to get a race put together.

Dale Jr has a kart track on his farm so he might be interested. Pruett got is start in GPX200 pro series with Margay & supposedly Joe Gibbs was at Daytona with a grandson. If you get the pros to come, the media will come & if you get the media to come, the celebs will come. If the media comes the industry will contribute.  The Bridgestone GPX200 race at the Long Beach Grand Prix got some media coverage but not as much as the Toyota celeb race.


Yes it takes action to make it happen but it starts with sharing ideas