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James McMahon

I’ll hop on my soapbox here since this is a topic near to my heart. I started looking deeply into ways we can help grow karting across the board about three years ago and this is what I’ve discovered….

First, I’ve said this a few times of late……. It’s not directed at anyone in particular in this thread in a personal way….




We have no lack of ideas in karting, that’s not the problem. Lots of people have ideas, but they then look to someone else to take actual action. So, not a lot happens, other than talk. Lack of action and commitment is the problem. Not promotion (yet).

I cringe when I hear people talk about karting (in general) needing more exposure or publicity. We have professional (or at least very public) racers advocating for it all the time day, a major car manufacturer involved in HPD with SKUSA, gopro motoplex, sick TV coverage of the SKUSA pro tour, 1M+ videos on youtube, the colossal embarrassment that was kart life,  a major recreational company onboard with BRP/Rotax, Become One, Racing Dreams, Senna and Fullerton….how much publicity is enough?

There’s no point in promoting something that has a broken marketing funnel.

We have the kart (yes pun intended) before the horse.

I posted a laydown enduro video that was seen by something like 80K people on facebook and was shared 1,543 times. Actually, most of the road race stuff we’ve posted gets a lot of interest so RR has that going for it. It’s visually appealing and interesting to folks.

Here’s the problem: I can’t send these folks anywhere to find out more about RR yet. No, forums are not an acceptable answer. Neither is “googling” for a track, or a series or a club. These days, people expect (relevant) information to be presented to them, or they move on. That’s how the web has changed and karting needs to change with it.

There’s no point in sending them to a specific org or series site because each one has limited appeal based on geography (see relevant part above) and others, well let’s just say they need work.

What we need a portal that’s independent of the orgs and shows folks the races, tracks and series that are of relevance by their location and willingness to travel. “Possibly interested karting guy or girl” doesnt give a ###T about what series or rulesets there are. They just want to know what is going on that they can go check out. We all know this, at the most basic level its about getting them to the track.

So I built the portal to make that happen for all of karting. Still much to be done on the software side and I’m continuing to iterate on that. I’ve commited to that part along with a bunch of other plans for the project. Insert link isnt working so here’s an old school link instead: https://www.kartpulse.com/events/category/races/50/circuit-long-road-race-and-enduro/60

You can also checkout the track directory (which is populated with over 400 tracks) here: https://www.kartpulse.com/tracksandseries/map

Adjust the radius, select a date range if you like and it will show you the races that are coming up. Assuming they are in there of course..which comes to my next point…

I’m still looking for someone to step up to the plate and get the road race schedules up there. It’s super easy, all web based.

If you want to grow road racing and are willing to put in some time, start by digging in and putting our races on the big tracks “on the map”. Then we can move from there to get butts in seats. I’m not saying getting all races on a calendar and map is the answer, but to me it is 100% the foundation to move forward.

With road races and tracks mapped out, we stand some a chance of getting folks onboard as a result of seeing a video like the We Are Karters which I’ve been working with Troy a little bit on.

Here’s the enduro video I am talking about that I shared on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kartpulse/videos/vb.1399852770228742/1581594508721233