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An easier turn key roadracing kart is something that roadracing has needed for decades. Surely there could be some sort of more or less spec bodywork that could be used. Nobody know better than I do what a job it is to put a laydown together with proper bodywork. I don’t mind doing it but I have the facilities and chops to do it myself. New guys? Not so much.

I definitely agree on the time thing, That is probably the main factor (besides being old and broke) that caused me to semi-retire from roadracing. One difference from sprint racing is that you likely won’t run as many events so in some ways it evens out other than the traveling involved.

Commercial?? Yeah, where would it be run, other than a small number of websites like this one there is a dearth of karting media available and much of what there is ignores roadracing. It was easier when there were several monthly publications available. There’s a way somehow, we just have to find out what it is.

Owed? Bet your butt!

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