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Robert Lawson

We really need a turn key road racing package.


That is what attracted the 90’s crowd, walk in the door with CC in hand and purchase a complete set-up….just add gas!


I have always wanted to build 8-10 bare bones enduro 4 cycles as rentals. Cheap way to get guys into a laydown. Of course I would have to run one too!!!!


The cost, in my oppinion, is not the limiting factor for Road Racing. Its the time, the commitment and motivation to working on them. Lets be honest, Sprint karters are a bit spoiled…..I mean, they come….they turn laps….they go home! Road Racing requires a bigger, more time consuming commitment.


Last year was bad, a stinker all around….there, I said it. Let no one fool you, it had nothing to do with clubs or orgs going in different directions although its a popular excuse. Life happened, the debt driven society we are a part of happened, we can throw economy in there too even though gas is/was cheap. For me and my bro’s it was just timing, we made plans to go to events then something popped up.


The every day guy just doesn’t know its out there. We need to do something….like a commercial?



PS: Yeah…I figured them CKS guys HAVE to owe ya something by now!